A way to support IQueyable


I am using ServiceStack with EntityFramework 6.1.3 (I can’t change this) and I need to support some DevExpress controls that require IQueryable. Does anyone have any comments of guidance on how I may support an IQueryable requirement? I have seen AutoQuery provides a queryable interface but seems it may require ormlite.

Any guidance appreciated.


ServiceStack doesn’t support OData so you couldn’t create IQueryable Services from within ServiceStack, instead you’d need to host ServiceStack side-by-side with MVC than create IQueryable services from within ASP.NET MVC.

But to use AutoQuery you’d need OrmLite however this just involves registering an OrmLite db connection and the AutoQuery plugin, then you can create AutoQuery services using any POCO that matches your table so you could happily use this side-by-side with EF.