Multi-user .NET Core Booking system example

I’m trying to recreate the example in this youtube video:

When running the following command:

x mix auth-db sqlite

The only file created is:


But I can’t seem to find the Configure.Auth.cs file shown in the video anywhere. This is a recent video. Am I missing something…?

(btw, it looks awesome I showed this to a friend and he was blown away…)

Ah. Found it. Sorry I missed the auth command that was chained first.

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FYI: To save typing and reduce human error you can also follow along the docs for this video:

Thanks. This works amazingly well.

In the documentation it says:

Which downloads the Studio Gist Desktop App, loads it as a Gist VFS whose static assets are then served by the .NET Core Server and loaded in the CEF Chromium browser.

Is it possible to download the Studio Gist Desktop App and keep it locally to avoid redownloading it each time and run it from the command line without the browser?

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Yeah you can use run instead of open to run the last downloaded version:

$ app run studio

Or use app:studio instead of app://studio to run your local version from a browser.

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