MultiTenant session management for subdomains

My api will serve to tenants which is seperated by subdomian for each company.
And I am trying to test if a user can connect to different companies in same browser in different tabs.
When I connect to 2 different subdomains, in the request, the last logged on subdomain’s session cookie is sent.

Request cookie for qa.localhost:3000

Request cookie for localhost:3000

As I know, in default, all cookies for subdomains are distinct if RestrictAllCookiesToDomain is not set.
And additionally, I can not see session cookie in subdomain qa :

But I can see it in default domain

Is there any setting to seperate session cookies for subdomains?

Rather than showing Web Inspector view, can you show the actual HTTP Headers containing the Set-Cookie and Cookie HTTP Headers for each subdomain?

Headers for localhost:3000 authentication

Headers for qa.localhost:3000 authentication

The cookies look right, if I had to guess the issue is likely your subdomain needs at lest 2 dots.

It does not change anything, still same issue.
http://qa.esneq.localhost:3000/ :

http://dev.esneq.localhost:3000/ :

But I will try to publish my real domain and retry again and inform you, thank you