MyGet 4.0.53 runtime error

I just started to have compile errors on some projects we are working against the test 4.0.53 build and suddenly getting errors “Could not load type ‘ServiceStack.Data.IDbConnectionFactoryExtended’ from assembly ‘ServiceStack.Common, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’.”

This is on code that using yesterdays copy of the build from MyGet are working without issue. Clearing packages and getting latest results in the runtime exception above.

It appears the ServiceStack.OrmLite package might have been updated, but the ServiceStack.Common package has not, missing the new interface.

You’re likely using a locally cached version, I’ve just downloaded the ServiceStack.Common.4.0.53.nupkg from MyGet and used dotPeek to find the IDbConnectionFactoryExtended interface.

I’d look at clearing your NuGet package cache.

Thanks! Totally spaced on that solution, been a long day.