MyGet 5.0.0 Miniprofiler

Hi, since a couple of days ago, I am getting errors during MSBuild involving MiniProfiler. The build is on VSTS so is not caching any nuget packages.

Builds using myget 5.0.0 on 24th Oct ran fine. Next build on 26th Oct failed.

Initially it was:
error CS0117: 'Profiler' does not contain a definition for 'StepStatic'

I just modified to use var p = Profiler.Current, and this error stopped but now getting:
The type or namespace name 'ProfiledDbConnection' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

This is obviously something I can’t refactor out of :).

Please refer to the v5 announcement post on v5 changes, e.g. the MiniProfiler has been moved to the ServiceStack.NetFramework NuGet Package and now requires explicitly registering the Plugin with:

Plugins.Add(new MiniProfilerFeature());