Newer ServiceStack.Java versions available in Maven Central Repository?

The latest version of ServiceStack.Java available in the Maven Central Repository is 1.0.37, from 2020-Jan-31.

But the ServiceStack.Java repo has new versions (tags up to v1.0.40 and work done until April-ish

Are these releases no longer being deployed to the Maven Central Repository?

We use jfrog Bintray to publish to Maven which takes care of it for us, from what I can see it says the latest version is on Maven:


Though maybe only through their repo?

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They used to have an old UI where I had to manually sync it to Maven Central, but can’t see that option anymore in the newer UI, so thought it was now automatically synced. I’ve seen that I can change back to the old UI and I’ve manually performed the sync of both packages, it says its synced:

But don’t see the updated version reflected in the search results, maybe it takes a while to update the package index.

Yep looks like it just took a while to sync, it’s up now:

Thanks Demis.

Yeah, I’ve noticed when publishing our own Java packages (using an AppVeyor CI build and a SonaType account), there is still manual intervention required to get it published on Maven Central, and the new package always takes about 12 hours to show up in package search results.

I’m pretty spoiled with the simpler NuGet publishing experience and 10-minute average delay that we get for our .NET stuff.

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