Paolo ponzano - 156 - Jan 13, 2014

Excuse me I’ll release an app to Staging Enviroment within a month using SS 4.06 …I know it’s in Beta but do you think it’s stable enougth? When it will be released as stable?

paolo ponzano:

Why so it’s called beta on the wiki? Thanks

Hi Paolo, I just published v4.06 to NuGet:

Yeah MyGet packages are stable, they reflect the latest version of the master repos with all tests passing still.

We’re having a 2 month beta period for v4 which underwent a significant refactor from v3 and which we’re still making small breaking changes like what was required to be able to provide PCL support seen in the latest release.

MyGet is a pre-release of what gets eventually published on NuGet but is more frequently deployed so is more volatile.