Postman import error

Hi @mythz

This kept me bugging for a while and today I sent an email to Postman Support asking why the /postman output from ServiceStack was always throwing an error.

Their answer:

The URL seems to return the collection JSON now, but the requests in the collection file have “responses”: null.
If the “responses” property is present, it needs to be an array (even an empty array would do). If no saved responses are present, you can remove the responses property from the requests entirely.

We’re in the process of revamping our collection format, and such restrictions on imported data will soon be removed.

for such, I took the liberty to create a pull request with this fix:

once again, thanks for all the hard work!

Hi Bruno, thx for the PR!

I’ve responded to the PR, can your approve the Contributor License Agreement so I can merge this, Cheers.


Thanks Bruno, merged!