RegisterTypedRequestFilter registrations are not firing when using BasicAppHost

I’ve got a filter set up in my solution of the form:

this.RegisterTypedRequestFilter<IServiceModel>((req, res, dtoInterface) =>
            dtoInterface.Id = dtoInterface.Id.IsNullOrEmpty() ? dtoInterface.Id : dtoInterface.GetFullyQualifiedRavenId();

I’m trying to use those filters during testing but they do not work.
Any ideas?

The Global Request/Response Filters are only executed within a full HTTP Request pipeline so you’ll need to self-host Integration Test to execute them.

Only Action filters are executed for Services called directly within a BasicAppHost, i.e. Steps 9-11 in Order of Operations.

Seems AppSelfHostBase is not available since Servicestack 4.54. I’m using ServiceStack Core 5.1.0.

Am I missing something?

AppSelfHostBase for .NET Core is available in the ServiceStack.Kestrel NuGet package:

> Install-Package ServiceStack.Kestrel