Service Testing with Request

I was wondering if there is a recommended way to test service methods that utilise the Request and cache object.

public object Any(MyDto request){
   return Request.ToOptimizedResultUsingCache(Cache, ...);

I have test doubles, xunit AppHostFixtures and a few other approaches but was wondering if there was a recommended or cleaner way to test cache service methods isolated from the AppHost?

I’d just be using a self-host integration test, it’s easier to setup and it tests what actually happens.

Otherwise you could potentially use the generic BasicAppHost and inject a dummy BasicRequest() into your Service then read what was written to the req.Response.OutputStream.

Well for what it’s worth, here is what I’m using

Yep Mocking is fine, although my preference is to test as much as I can, with the least code required so I’d always use Integration Tests for anything testing functionality in the Request Pipeline.

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