Structuremap ioc nested container / per request

Not Request, so Reuse None or Singleton. Reuse None when it’s not Threadsafe.

Yes, but none/transient scope is not the scope i need for for example IDbConnection.

May I suggest to make the AppHost.Container pluggable so we can optionally replace the container with a different implementation?

You definitely want to use ReuseNone for pooled resources like IDbConnection to minimize the amount of time an open connection is kept unavailable from the pool.

The Container adapter is how to integrate an external IOC, there’s no plan for anything different. In .NET Core you can use their IOC to register Service dependencies.

Using two IOC containers is of course not an option and if you use the container adapter Funq doesn’t know the scope of the resolved services…
using funq only seems the only option, use the childcontainer for context without a request,
but then I miss my ResolveAll feature.