V5.9.0 Released!

Excited to announce the latest v5.9 release which is a culmination of the many mini releases announced on here over the last few months in another long documented release notes.

If time constrained, feel free to skim the ToC below to get a quick overview of what’s in this release and jump directly to features you’re interested in.

Happy to answer any feedback or questions on this thread.


Table of Contents


It’s impressive the amount of stuff you have been adding on your own. How long does it take for you to write these release notes? :grin:

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A lot of time went into this release, which ended up over running about 4 weeks more than normal. I consider myself a fairly slow writer which doesn’t come naturally. I think I started ~2-3 weeks ago, as I prefer to give myself a lot of time for docs since it’s my least favorite task, which I mix in between new dev work & other creative tasks like creating the 6 videos & servicify diagram in the release notes.


You know what, I’ve been wondering why there wasn’t a similar ICrud type API, looks like it’s been on your roadmap.

This looks absolutely amazing, and is just in time for a system I am upgrading from old .NET Framework NancyFX implementation.

Thanks and great job!

Now all I need is a Blazor JsonServiceClient :smiley:

Oh wait, looks like a beginning was made

Yeah Auto CRUD was a gap that needed filling, but it wasn’t straight forward to determine what could & needed to be declaratively implemented in CRUD Services to avoid needing an implementation and why it required a lot of new declarative attributes with #Script integration to be able to cover a wide functional surface area that can be implemented via attributes.

The BlazorClient.cs API is a starting point to create an official public API with a known working configuration that we can later enhance as we know of more features Blazor supports without issues:

var client = BlazorClient.Create(baseUrl);

This API also lets you modify the MessageHandler all Blazor client instances are configured with:

BlazorClient.MessageHandler = new HttpClientHandler { ... };

It’s still unclear how much JSON Serialization implementation Blazor can support, historically crippled .NET Runtimes like Blazor have done poorly with reflection-heavy libraries like Serialization where it might end up the most supported way to invoke ServiceStack Services without issues would be to generate a protoc C# gRPC Client as the generated clients can be created without runtime reflection.

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