404 with Markdown Content Pages

I’m having a very strange issue. In our app, I have Content Pages, in Help folder in the root of the app. Within the help folder I have a bunch of Markdown files with a .md extension. These are served with the a route, for example:


the result would be that when the user navigates to that path, the calendar.md file would be picked up by SS and sent to the browser.

The problem i’m having is that path returns a SS 404 error.

If I changed calendar.md to calendar.cshtml, it works. My content is picked up by SS and sent to the browser as expected.

Why would it provide me the content with a .cshtml file, but a .md file is giving me a 404?

I’m running SS 3.9.70.

Not sure why it’s returning 404 it might be masking an error, it should process the page like it does for Docs App which is built with Razor Markdown: https://github.com/ServiceStackApps/Docs

If it’s a self-hosting App you would need to make sure the Content Build Action of each .md file to Copy/Copy if Newer so that the files are copied to the /bin directory so they’re available at runtime.

But otherwise we’re not directly supporting v3 ourselves, you’d need to upgrade to the latest v4 for us to investigate any issues.

That’s unfortunate.

Can’t update to 4.0 yet as our app is tied in to a much larger app currently.