5.0.2 responding with angular_callbacks_ instead of angular.callbacks

I have an Angular 1.2 application using the AdaptStrap Table AJAX component to retrieve and paginate a simple search form. It sends this request:


Before 5.0.2, this was the response:


After 5.0.2, this is the response:


This results in “angular_callbacks__0” not being found by the component and thus a broken search form. Has something changed with how ServiceStack serializes JSONP responses in 5.0.02?

(Concurrent with upgrading to SS 5 we also updated to .NET 4.6.1 from .NET 4.5.2, but otherwise nothing else changed.)


I’ve added ‘.’ in callbacks in this commit, this change is available from v5.0.3 that’s now available on MyGet.

That did the trick. Thank you!