5.2 -> 5.4 camel case issue

dotnet core 2.1 - After upgrading from 5.2 to 5.4, services started emitting camel case. I had previously been using

ServiceStack.Text.JsConfig.EmitCamelCaseNames = false;  

in Configure()

I found additional documentation and tried:
EDIT: This does actually fix it…

 SetConfig(new HostConfig
                    DebugMode = true,
                    UseCamelCase = false,
                    MapExceptionToStatusCode = {
        { typeof(YoureDoingThatTooOftenException), 503 },


but am still getting camel case.

I understand this is more of the default now but my js web app does not expect camel case.

Ack, looks like hostconfig change did actually bring back non-camel case, I’m good, will leave this topic here for posterity.