503 error on ServiceStack self hosted on Windows Server 2008 r2

We have problem with self hosted application. The app is using .NET 4.5. and SS 4.0.42
When I start application in Windows 8.1 development environment or any other Windows 8.1 system the app works fine serving properly all services and static/Razor html pages.

The same binary launched on Windows Server 2008 r2 - starts properly with no errors but when I request any web page I get “503 Service Unavailable”

Of course we did “netsh http add urlacl url=http://*:8088/ user=Everyone”

I have no exceptions and errors - service is running fine in debug console version. The only problem is - every request gets 503.

The operating system is freshly installed with default settings - firewalls are turned off and .NT 4.5 installed.

I got no idea what is wrong.

Does it work if the App is run as an Administrator?

Problem solved! We had to remove all “urlacl” entries associated with launched service.
So there is no need to add such entries on Windows Server