"6000 Redis requests per hour" error with Commercial License


I purchased a COMMERCIAL license 11 days ago, write it in my App.config’s config section (.NET 6 application)

Everything worked fine during these 11 days.

But today, I get systematically the error message : “ServiceStack.LicenseException: The free-quota limit on ‘6000 Redis requests per hour’ has been reached”. Then my computation fails.

Any idea about how to solve this problem ?

Many thanks.


Hi, this Exception suggests the License Key isn’t properly registered with the application that’s throwing the License Exception.

For .NET 6 (.NET Core) you would register the License Key in appsettings.json (i.e. not App.Config). Also please note the information box in the License Registration Docs that if you’re using ServiceStack.Redis on its own (i.e. outside of ServiceStack Framework) you would also need to explicitly register the license from configuration with:


Thank you for your support. I am going to apply and test the modification you suggest.