Aaron Langley - 4 - Feb 23, 2015

How do I reference /js/ss-utils.js ?  Is there a particular SS feature I need to register? Seems like a silly question but I can’t see how EmailContacts makes it available to the browser…

Aaron Langley:

All our services are under /api/ however adding or substituting that path doesn’t work either. 

Aaron Langley:

Ok I did have to register the SSE feature first.

You shouldn’t have to do anything as it’s automatically available (embedded in ServiceStack.dll) at /js/ss-utils.js from ServiceStack’s base url.

Sir Thomas:

Aaron - it should be built-in and always available.  Works like a charm

Aaron Langley:

That’s odd. Doesn’t seem to available on our CI build, but my branch with SSE added is working.

Jeff Gabhart:

Do you have any url rewrites playing with the url? For instance, we have one that adds a trailing slash which would cause 404’s for the embedded files.