Aaron Langley - 433 - Jun 5, 2014

After upgrading to v4.0.21, /api/auth is no longer redirecting to the “Continue” value in my sign in form. The service snapshot page is shown instead. One of the values is “Referrer Url”, and it’s the correct value from the form. Is there an intentional breaking change here regarding this response?

Yeah, the default auth route /auth has been changed to return the Auth Response if signed in, mentioned in:

To access a specific provider you can use the full-qualified url, i.e: /auth/credentials

Aaron Langley:

Easy, thanks.

Wayne Douglas:

I’m getting this in 4.0.18 - where we used to be able to set /auth/facebook/?continue=http://someUrlOnOurWebsite.com and the user would be redirected there - now they get the service description page? 

+Wayne Douglas don’t recall anything changing in v4.0.18, the latest change was the default /auth route in the latest release now returning session info if authenticated and in the current release (on MyGet) where we now support locking users out of any auth provider. I’ve tested ?continue=xxx and it still works. Not sure why you’re getting a blank page, it might be masquerading an error somewhere? I’d look into the request logger or Fiddler to see if it sheds any light.