Aaron Langley - 448 - May 5, 2014

 Found a bug - Single quotes in a string field of complex types are escaped correctly when saved to the database. But not removed when deserialized. Every time a record is updated another slash is added to escape the one before. I’ve confirmed this didn’t happen in SSv3. Anyone else come across this and know how to solve it?

In addition to the release notes for features is there an issue tracking list I can see if my issue has been logged already? (and resolved if I’m not on the latest version). thanks.

Can you comment on the thread, I’m unable to repro the issue.

Issues are here: https://github.com/ServiceStack/Issues
Can you post a small code example of the issue please.

Aaron Langley:

Ok I’ve logged an issue here:

In my case the escape char is a slash for MySQL, and SqlLite uses another apostrophe to escape however it’s probably the same fault.