Aaron Langley - 470 - Mar 12, 2014

Can anyone get the EmailContacts example app to run from Xamarin Studio on Mavericks?

Can you try re-cloning the repo.

It was missing the IIS6 handler mapping to run in Mono (Mono doesn’t understand IIS 7 handler mappings). I also had to remove refs to EntityFramework dlls from the default ASP.NET template which doesn’t exist for Mono. 

Something else that was strange was that trying to run it clean off the repo caused an error that it couldn’t find webPages.Razor, but just by deleting any unused ASP.NET ref from EmailContacts project (e.g. like System.Drawing) made the error go away.

Aaron Langley:

yep that works, including the removal of System.Drawing trick

Aaron Langley:

That trick didn’t work for my project. What did is changing the reference in the web.config from
System.Web.WebPages.Razor, Version=
 System.Web.Razor, Version=

Which makes sense as there is no such file as System.Web.WebPages.Razor.