Aaron Langley - 5 - Mar 4, 2015

Server Sent Events, with SSL off loading. - Our server is SSL up to the AWS load balancer and is plain HTTP to IIS. cmd.Connect is sending back full paths of what it sees - plain http and not https. This is rejected. How can I override this behaviour? Can’t it just send relative paths?

You can intercept and customize the urls sent back by registering a a custom handler in ServerEventsFeature.OnConnect and modifying the 2nd args Dictionary.

Aaron Langley:

yes that solves it :slight_smile:  Is it possible to throw HttpError.Unauthorized or return 401 in any of these OnConnect or OnCreated events? Currently is being captured as a 500 error. 

No. but if LimitToAuthenticatedUsers=true and !session.IsAuthenticated then it automatically returns a 401.

Aaron Langley:

Nice, thanks :slight_smile:

Also if you want to rewrite http links to https in all links there’s a Config.UseHttpsLinks=true option you can use instead.

Aaron Langley:

Yes that’s probably less over head than what I’m doing here :slight_smile:

OnConnect = (IEventSubscription sub, Dictionary<string, string> map) => {
    var urlKeys = map.Where(X => X.Key.EndsWith(“Url”)).Select(X => X.Key).ToArray();
    foreach (var url in urlKeys) {  
       map[url] = new Uri(map[url]).PathAndQuery;