Abort awaited request

Is It possible to abort an awaited request with Ts client?

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No, it’s not possible.

Any plans for this? See you’re using Fetch, so the AbortController could probably be added without too much work?

It seems like a nice feature, especially when performing search on server “as you type”, where new search strings are sent before the previous is returned (depending on how much debounce is used).

Of course that only saves deserialization on the client.

Combined with SqlCommand.Cancel, and the Cancellable Requests, it could be very cool for AutoQuery :slight_smile: on the server side as well.

Or simply not worth it?

There’s no plans for this, there was a PR to add this however it’s become bit rotted over time.

Looking at the PR now, it’s too disruptive to the API surface area to accept now, you’re welcome to make a modified fork of the client with the approach the PR took.