About Hello.Xamarin

I downloaded Hello.Xamarin and tried to get it running on my iMac (Xamarin Studio 5.9.5, Xamarin.IOS I had a problem to get it up and running in the debugger. The problem was
Entitlements.plist. After removing that and all references to it the program finally showed up in the simulator.
All works well except for the AwaitAsync. It fires but it seems to never return. Is there a problem in the servicestack code?
Client.IOS10.Pcl project
ServiceStack.Client 4.0.42
ServiceStack.Interaces 4.0.42
ServiceStack.Text 4.0.42

Client.IOS.Pcl project
ServiceStack.Client.Pcl 4.0.34
ServiceStack.Interfaces 4.0.42
ServiceStack.Text.Pcl 4.0.34

Notice the .Pcl extension on the ServiceStack.Client.Pcl and ServiceStack.Text.Pcl, are these correct (the packageversion is older)?

Yeah it looks like it’s referencing the old NuGet packages I’ll update them after the next release which we’re aiming for tomorrow. But the correct NuGet package to use is:

PM> Install-Package ServiceStack.Client

Or if you want to use the new JsonHttpClient install:

PM> Install-Package ServiceStack.HttpClient