About Server Events best practice

We plan, soon, to use notifications in our new portal.
Except simple messages, we have a lot of lists updated rarely, or in the opposite monitoring data updated in intervals of 2-3 seconds. In a conversation with a developer, he proposed to send the updated objects through the Server Events (or Web Sockets or SignalR streams).
My view is, in order to be consistent with our REST architecture and better performance, to send notifications about the specific objects, that they have updates and it is responsibility of the front-end to choose the appropriate moment to update them via a REST call. (immediately or in the first use).
Even in the case of complex monitoring data that we expect to be updated frequently, it is a better candidate for SSE , but maybe it is preferable to make REST calls in the specific time intervals ( if no requirement for real-time). What is the best practice for those issues, if exists ?

There is no “best” practice, just do what’s simplest to implement or what provides a better experience for your users.

If you want to try comply with “interpretations of REST architecture” then sure, periodically poll, since it doesn’t have explicit support for duplex binding or server push communications. But consider how it works, working around HTTP “pull” request model isn’t going to give you better performance just because, if it’s not cachable it wont.