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Blazor is a Web UI framework based on C#, Razor, and HTML that runs in the browser via WebAssembly, per Wikipedia Blazor

This category should focus on specifics of the Blazor framework and Razor components. This tag should be appropriate for posts that refer to either Client-Side or Server-Side Blazor.

This tag is closely related to the WASM tag. A good blog post explaining where Blazor sits in the browser-based client UI stack (and it’s relationship to WASM) is Scot Hanselman’s blog What is Blazor and What is Razor Components? dated March 2019.

The Blazor framework is on the roadmap for a supported feature in .Net Core 3.0 release. The number of posts appropriate for this tag may begin to increase after .Net Core 3.0 is officially released and supported

Current (as of May 2019) Microsoft home page for Blazor is Blazor(Client)

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We’ve decided to make blazor-wasm a 1st class supported template, please see the announcement for more info.