Add servicestack ref. doesn't work on netCore projects

When I create a netCore console app in VS and right click on the project in the solution explorer I do not get the option to “Add serviceStack referenece”. I do get this option for a standard .net console app.

I’m using Visual studio 2017 and ServiceStackVS 1.0.33.

We’ll look into it, in the meantime you can use the new servicestack-cli utils.

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FYI Add ServiceStack Reference should now be working in latest v1.0.34 of ServiceStackVS which you should be able to upgrade in the Tools > Extensions and Updates... VS.NET Extensions gallery.

Great, it is working now!

One more thing. Can you also fix the “Update Servicestack reference” ? It does not show when I right-click on the .dtos file in the solution explorer. Or is there another way to update the SS reference?

@ristaloff This was missed in the fix, but will be back when the next version is pushed.

In the mean time you should be able to just Ctrl+S save the dto file and it will pull down the latest version from the server.

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Latest v1.0.35 with @layoric’s fix is now up on MSDN!

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