Addition of a single service method causes all routes to be matched by fallback

This is random and I’ve never seen this before, but I can’t get to the bottom of it.

Summary of project:
Servicestack Razor (no MVC).
Angular spa.
Fallback Service that has a FallbackRoute so angular can do it’s stuff.

For some reason when I add a new method onto any service, ALL requests are matched by the FallbackRoute and so are served HTML. In RequestLogs feature, the route is being identified, but ServiceStack is not honouring the Routes as per DTO attribute, and reverting to fallback. Happens across all Services and DTOs by the addition of a single method to any Service.

If I remove the method, it’s fine.
The DTO is empty bar the Route attribute.

How can I see if ServiceStack is swallowing a routing exception?

Details of Fallback Service.

public class Fallback
    public string Path { get; set; }

public class FallBackService : BaseService
    public object Any(Fallback request)
        return new HttpResult() { ContentType = "text/html", View = "default.cshtml"};

You can close/ignore this. This was due to the 10-Request unlicensed limit being met, and I had a typo in my licence key setting. It may be worth giving indication limit has been met rather than reverting to fallback route.