Admin-ui does not load

I inizialize the AdminUser by adding this code:

Plugins.Add(new AdminUsersFeature());

When I load the page I get this error:

GET http://localhost:5000/types/js net::ERR_ABORTED 404 (Not Found)

and the page is blank.
Thanks in advance.

Does any of the other languages work, e.g. http://localhost:5000/types/typescript?

Are you using v6 or v5.14? on which platorm?

I found the issue.
I use a prepend path for all request with this code:
routes.Each(x => x.Path = “/route” + x.Path);

So http://localhost:5000/route/types/js return the right response.

So, I excluded the TypeCommonJs request from route rewriting.

Now the js file is returned by the server.


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You should probably exclude all languages as well, i.e. by checking if is NativeTypesBase