Advice needed for migrating .NET 4.8 ServiceStack project to .NET Core

Hi now after 5 years of stable running my ServiceStack services on a standard .NET 4.8 project I want to migrate to .NET Core 3.1. My idea is to create a new .NET Core 3.1 project and copy my services to this project. Now I am confused what to do.
I read the documentation and found I can choose 2 paths:

  1. Run dotnet tool install --global web. But what template to choose? Template ‘web’?
  2. Install ServiceStackVS inside VS 2019. But here I have not a clear idea what to choose to. A SelfHost template? Will this be okay if eventually I run this in IIS?

You should start with the .NET Core project that closely resembles the one you’re trying to port, for .NET Core 3.1 projects you should use the new x tool.

If none are a close match you can use the empty web project template.

Great this helps, thank you!

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