All project templates upgraded to .NET 5.0

Happy to announce that all of ServiceStack’s .NET Core project templates have been updated to use the latest .NET 5.0 that was just released.

As the project templates now require .NET 5.0, the x and app dotnet tools have also been updated to .NET 5 which can be updated with:

$ dotnet tool update -g x

app also includes the latest Chromium v87 release, so after updating:

$ dotnet tool update -g app

All Gist & Vue Desktop Apps (e.g app://studio) will run on latest .NET+Chromium.

The dotnet tools with a v5.x version number require .NET 5.0. If you need to update to the latest .NET Core 3.x tool you can instead install:

$ dotnet tool install --global x --version 0.0.85