Any thoughts on a CognitoAuthFeature?

Hey mythz,

We are putting together a requirements document for a ServiceStack CognitoAuthFeature. I was curious if you had any plans for such a thing in the future?


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There hasn’t been any demand for it so it’s not being considered. But let us know if you end up implementing it as it looks like it will be a valuable option to have for Developers on AWS.

Excellent, will do .

I looking to implemented CognitoAuthFeature as well. Just wondering what path you took.

Hey dojo,

We created this feature but haven’t made it public yet since it isn’t fully featured. Let me know if yo are interested and maybe we can collectively finish the remaining pieces of it. The good news is, even if you don’t want to work on it, we can give you what we have, which works well and is close (Oct 1st) to being deployed into production.

Let me know and we can get together. Once we do, we can submit it to the community for them to chew on.


This feature would be very useful. I am working on trying to implement congnito currently.

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