Any way to debug Plugins in IDE?

It would be extremely helpful and much more productive if we could debug a custom Plugin that’s been added as a Feature to a ServiceStack app. Otherwise, you’re sorta flying blind when building the Plugin outside the context of a running ServiceStack app.

We’ve covered this already in the previous thread? nothing’s changed since yesterday.

I see. I thought that response was in the context of a Sharp App not a regular ServiceStack app. I was thinking that in the context of a ServiceStack app, this might be possible since it is running all code within the IDE. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

You mean like a regular compiled .NET Core app? Why can’t you set a break point and debug it in the IDE?

Disregard. My bad. It works just fine if you add this as a referenced project into the ServiceStack project and debug it. For some reason I was thinking this couldn’t be done.

This is great because this allows a more robust development workflow and CI/CD where I can have it copy that DLL into a Sharp App /plugin folder.

You wouldn’t, the PreRequestFilter is only going to work as part of a ServiceStack App, it sets a variable that is only going to invoked from a HTTP Request which is only going to have any effect if it’s configured with a plugin that uses it, like the SharpPagesFeature plugin that’s executing a page with the DB Scripts that’s using them. i.e. all pieces need to be there, either in a real ServiceStack App or integration test.

Got it, Thanks! Lovin the Plugin feature.