API performance monitoring / Request Log extension

Curious to hear if others in the ServiceStack community have deployed API performance monitoring strategies around their SS framework, most likely as a RequestLog extension, for services such as Grafana/ Prometheus/Graphite, DataDog, etc. Initially I am looking to chart timeseries values such as calls-per-minute, request response times, filter by request dto/path, etc.

I saw @daleholborow’s project for RollBar.com which looks intriguing. I have tinkered with adding DogStatsD timers in the RequestLog pipeline, but feels a bit redundant.

Perhaps someone has created a view-wrapper around the SS RequestLog format?

Hi, I’d also be interested in any other solutions. I actually haven’t had the Rollbar tool in use recently but am working on a project where it might come into play again, however, if other people have newer/better tooling I would love to hear about it!

Was looking more into @mac 's integration with Seq - like you I think it might be the closest to leverage; however, there are 2 key things I would want to build-in: (a) buffer/forwarding via an agent, and (b) local Seq sites sending data to 1 central Seq instance.

FYI There is a seq forwarding service you can install - https://github.com/datalust/seq-forwarder/releases.

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