App run studio stopped working

Earlier today I used “app open studio” with no problem.

Now it started complaining about not finding ServiceStack dll’s (v6), and I’ve tried uninstall, updating the “app” tool, etc. The current error message is “This license has expired on 01/01/2013 and is not valid for use with this release. Please see or contact for more details.”

What’s wrong?

Studio and the app dotnet tool was upgraded to v6, so you’ll need to upgrade the app tool:

$ dotnet tool update -g app

What’s the output of:

$ app --version

Yes, I did an update of the app.

Version: 6.0.3
ServiceStack: 6.11
Framework: .NET 6.0.5
OS: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.19044.0
Chromium: 87.0.4280.27

Actually nvm, I think I’ve found the issue, will let you know when the tools are updated.

v6.0.4 of the app/x dotnet tools have just been published to NuGet which should resolve the License Exception.

$ dotnet tool update -g app

Yes, now it works again! Thanks.

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