Apparently errors in ServiceStack.Json in a bench?

I found this interesting repo:

One thing that caught my attention was this benchmark and I wanted to get some clarity from Demis on this:

ServiceStack.Json, Jil, LitJson, NetJson and etc libraries are not shown because there are too many errors; if necessary, you can clone the test program on GitHub and run. Most of the Json serialization libraries of .NET have been included.

At the end of the day, we are heavily invested in ServiceStack in our solutions and I just want to make sure that in all areas ServiceStack is competitive in performance and memory utilization compared to other libs in the ecosystem.

It just says ServiceStack.Text isn’t included. If you’re concerned you’re welcome to attempt to investigate what the issues there are and submit any bugs/features that should be supported to ServiceStack/Issues. There’s a few things SS.Text wont support like cyclical relationships so tests like DataTable will never be supported. If there any tests rely on public fields you would need to configure JsConfig.IncludePublicFields=true.

But if you’re concerned on the performance of your own usage, you should instead be profiling your own code instead of trying to infer them from external micro benchmarks. Profiling should definitely be the primary focus in order to identify areas that have a significant performance cost which will provide the necessary guidance to identify which areas you should focus & dedicate time into optimize accordingly. Trying to optimize your App by guessing on what to focus on instead of profiling & finding out is a very poor ROI approach that’s not going to result in noticeable real-world performance improvements of your App.

When the significant performance cost is due to serialization then you can do a comparison to see what the marginal perf difference between different serializers, if there are any that are slower than JSON .NET feel free to file an issue and I can take a look.