ASP.Net CORE 414 (URI too long)

Made great progress converting my service layer to CORE. I have a few unit tests failing with a 414 error (URI too long) - these are all happening where I’m sending a DELETE verb with an larger POCO (I know these could be rewritten to send a more empty POCO with just a key but I’m not sure if my web developers are doing the same thing so I would like to retain backward compatibility if possible

I have tried a few things to increase the max request length in my app (like here, but no luck so far.

This is either an underlying HTTP Server or middleware error - ServiceStack itself doesn’t impose any request limits, I couldn’t tell you which request restriction you’re exceeding. First thing would be to pay careful attention at the HTTP Response Headers for indication which Server is returning the error for an indication on where to look. This answer has a couple of suggestions:

Or KestrelServerLimits.MaxRequestLineSize Property.

But if your request is exceeding default limits I would switch to sending the Request Body in a POST as you’re more likely to run into other runtime issues e.g. from consuming or proxying this endpoint.