Assembly version of ServiceStack.OrmLite.nupkg seems to be incorrect


We are using ServiceStack.OrmLite and having a trouble.


Assembly version of ServiceStack.OrmLite.nupkg 5.10.4 seems to be incorrect.
Expected assembly version is, but actual is

This causes us a trouble in updating our product.
We used to use ServiceStack.OrmLite.nupkg 5.1.0 in the older product, assembly version of it is correct.
When we update our product by our installer, ServiceStack.OrmLite shoud be updated from to
But assembly version is from to (this should be, so installer cannnot replace it properly.


In this line, assembly version of ServiceStack.OrmLite is fixed to

So, could you please publish ServiceStack.OrmiLite.nupkg as 5.10.4 by deleting the AssemblyVersion definition in the line?

Best regards,

It’s intentional for the AssemblyVersion which is used in the Assembly’s Strong Naming identity to always retain the major version i.e., but you should be able to use the AssemblyFileVersion to detect the version of the Assembly however this didn’t seem to be properly generated in OrmLite projects which should be resolved in this commit:

This change is available from v5.13.3+ that’s now available on MyGet.

Thank you!
That works great :+1: