AssemblyVersion on .Signed for GAC install


ServiceStack .Signed assemblies are being released with AssemblyVersion = This causes problems with GAC install when the previous releases (also AssemblyVersion = are in the GAC.

How can this be resolved without forcing ops to un-install all SS-enabled applications and services to clear the GAC references?


This is by design, in order to minimise strong naming issues we pin the AssemblyVersion to 4.0.0 and report the true Version in AssemblyFileVersion

Hi Demis,

Is there a clean way to update the version in the GAC when it thinks both are the same version? We release WiX-based MSI packages to clients, so we have limited control over deployment.


I’d look at first uninstalling from the GAC - although my preference is to avoid the GAC and strong-named assemblies altogether but I understand it’s required in some use-cases.