Authenticated SSE in IE9

I try to use SSE in IE9. It doesn’t work because IE9 doesn’t support well the XMLHttpRequest (though the XMLHttpRequest exists, pushed data doesn’t arrive to client). I cannot use custom fields (X-ss-id, etc.) either because XDomainRequest doesn’t allow custom fields (see this link).

Please, advise if there are other solutions.

No I don’t know of other workarounds for IE9

Does it mean that it’s impossible using SS SSE with authentication in IE9?

IE9 doesn’t support SSE natively which is why the IE SSE shim needs to use XMLHttpRequest as a fallback. In order to support Authentication the SSE Shim needs to support cookies you can test if it does by trying to login with GitHub or Twitter auth at: which is an example of ServiceStack SSE Chat with the IE SSE shim enabled.

For some reason, when being opened in IE9, the shows normally, but attempt to open any authentication page fails.