Authentication via Azure Active Directory for Office365

Can we have an official paradigm for AAD authentication like this I found github ?

Also some other issues.
I would like to read a detailed answer from you about the comparison (benefits/ trade offs) with microservices (using nodejs). I did read your answer in SO and I agree with the reasoning. It would be useful to me in one case, if I had more details about.
I think the has some issues in Microsoft.Edge and IE in Win10 with the rendering of the front-end strip. ( it delays too much first time)
In Google community ( the new style) I can;t find the links for support,docs, issues, I was using them to connect to fourms.
In the site is not clear where is the Support. Later I remembered that it is in the popup of my account. Also is not obvious how to change the email . I was deleted myself as registered user and add again my new email account,


There are a number of questions all over the place here, in future can you separate them out in different posts with a clear question in each.

Not sure what you mean by “official paradigm” but ServiceStack.Authentication.Aad is a community maintained AuthProvider for Azure Active Directory, if there’s something you think is lacking please raise an issue with the project, I’m sure Jacob will point you to the best path forward. I’d like to encourage community contributions and don’t see any reason why we need to maintain an official provider that competes with an existing community effort.

Not sure what else you want to know about Micro services, like all technologies I’d only recommend considering it if it’s going to provide value and solves an issue that you currently have. If you’re not sure then I’d recommend avoiding it rather than trying to trying to apply it onto an existing solution and prematurely force a prescribed architecture. I like this post about Microservices and Jars from Uncle Bob Martin, you’re going to get a lot of the advantages of Micro Services by modularizing your existing solution into decoupled modules (aka projects/dlls) without the overhead of maintaining and hosting multiple runtime components.

The support page is available in your Customer Account at:

It’s available as a menu item option after you sign in to

If you want to change/transfer your email/username please send an email to from the original email you wish to change from - note this will also change the username used for subsequent logins.

I did read just now , in ServiceStack Wiki the reference of this community provider.
I had found it before directly from google and github. The project is opened last 5 months.
In general ,I get my information about ServiceStack news, from Release Notes, ServiceStack demo open source applications, the Google community, your twitter and the weekly mails from the discussion forums. in my email account.
I had never seen the announcement of this community provider in a very important almost critical issue for us.
If there was an announcement and I did not read, I should be more careful next time.
But if there was not any announcement , maybe something is wrong with the news here,
when we talk about so important issues.
For us as .Net software company is much more important than Kotlin and React.

thank you for your attention

We announced the Azure ActiveDirectory AuthProvider in the v4.0.44 release notes, we also retweeted it from @ServiceStack and linked to it in our docs.

We like to announce noteworthy contributions from the community in the release notes or share them on twitter as we see them.

I was in vacation at first half of September and I lost the announcement of v.4.0.44.
I will be more careful next time.
But this provider is very important for us, and if I remember well ti was in the most asked new features.
thanks again

Why not merge this authentication provider as an out-of-the-box auth. provider? Office 365 has a huge amount of users and supporting this out-of-the-box with support and testing with every update is a nice extra benefit of servicestack!

@mdissel It’s not ours to embed but I’d prefer if the community would get behind the community ecosystem more and contribute / provide feedback to the project directly. It provides encouragement for the maintainers and I’m sure Jacob would welcome the engagement who’s also done a great job with providing docs + screenshots and making the plugin easy to use.

Other than that it has an external dependency on System.IdentityModel.Tokens.Jwt so can’t be added to ServiceStack.dll. We do currently have Azure bindings in development but we’re holding off releasing until we have spare dev capacity as all our focus will be on our top feature request of adding support for .NET Core as soon it’s publicly released. Until then I don’t want to take on the burden of maintaining and providing support for software we’ve released.