AutoCRUD get generated type

on a Database I’ve got a table company that I want to expose with AutoCrud plugin.
I need to get the emitted genereted “Company” type to use with reflection. Is it possible to retrieve it?



Hi @Gianmaria,

If you could share some example code of your request DTOs that are using QueryDb<T>? Or are you using GeneratedServices?

Also if you can share your DB model classes/schema so it is clearer how your currently setup. Is your Company table have a defined model class? Is it a join onto other exposed tables?

Hi @layoric,
I’m using GeneratedServices.
I only look for a method like GeneratedServices.GetGeneratedType(“Company”) that return the generated DTO…


Rather than runtime reflection, the types used by GeneratedServices are available as code generation.

This lets you run a hybrid of generated and code first services. Alternatively if you need to make customizations to just generated services, the GenerateOperationsFilter can also help.

What are you trying to achieve with the use of Company?