AutoFormFields Examples

Is there an example somewhere of a non-trivial auto-generated form that also does some kind of lookup for some of its form elements?

Trying to determine how to display a form that has a field that has to be looked up with a service (shown as an autocomplete).

Hi @lucuma,

Currently the AutoFormFields doesn’t use the AutoComplete control to present any lookup options. Look ups are done via a Modal for table references or drop down for things like enum properties.

Could you go into more detail about your use case, including AutoQuery tables/classes, Request DTOs etc? This will give us a better idea of what you are trying to achieve with auto generated forms vs just using a custom form that interacts with the AutoQuery endpoints.

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You wont be able to use Autocomplete component in AutoFormFields which needs custom C# configuration that can’t be configured declaratively. If you can use the <SelectInput> component you can use EvalAllowableValues to populate the list from a C# method which you can source from an API otherwise you’ll need to use a Custom Form in order to use Autocomplete.

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