AutoGen, large database, referenced children

I am trying to get to an autogen solution with a database with a large number of tables. I can limit the tables in a list of tables and can very likely make assumptions about references (there are none being found by auto gen. I was wondering if there was a way to generate the dto with references?

You can use AutoGen’s TypeFilter to Modify AutoGen Types at Runtime, which will also be preserved when exporting to code-first DTOs.

I have a TypeFilter action but I am wondering how i get a reference to either the parent or child as the relationship will be based on the name of the foreign key column or parent table if that makes sense?

You wont be able to get a reference to a dynamic .NET Type in TypeFilter, the dynamic metadata type is a blue print used to create the .NET Type.

You’ll need to use code-first Types for Types you want to reference, existing code-first Types will let you retrieve its .NET Type from the MetadataType.Type property or with the typeof(TheType) static reference.

I was afraid of that ;). Thanks for the quick response.