AutoIncrement within Transactions fails

I am facing a weird issue.

I have a simple Product table, with an ID that is an int, auto increment. (SQLServer)
When I try .Save or Insert for this entity WITHIN a transaction this always fails with

{System.InvalidOperationException: ExecuteReader requires the command to have a transaction when the connection   assigned to the command is in a pending local transaction.  The Transaction property of the command has not been initialized.

I am using follow code: (some code left away)

using (var db = DbConnectionFactory.OpenDbConnection())
using (var transaction = db.BeginTransaction(IsolationLevel.ReadCommitted))
     var saved = db.Save(product);
  catch (Exception e)

What am I doing wrong? If I remove the transaction, this code is working.

You should be using OpenTransaction in OrmLite.

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