AutoQuery accent insensitive

We use Autoquery to return result base on search fields and we also page our result.
Is there a way to be accent insensitive ?

So André is equal to Andre

Our AutoQuery class look like:

public class QueryUsers : QueryDb<CustomUserAuth>
        [QueryDbField(Field = "DisplayName", 
                      Term = QueryTerm.Or, 
                      Template = "UPPER({Field}) LIKE UPPER({Value})", ValueFormat = "%{0}%")]
        public string DisplayNameContains { get; set; }


This is not a feature of AutoQuery. You’d need to either sanitize your inputs so that the search text is normalized or use a DB function that does what you what, I’m not sure what that is though.

For somme language the accent character are confusing when you try to do some search.

So I try to eliminate accent sensitivity on search result. I want to achieve the equivalent of:

I try to replicate that kind of query:
Sql Sample

or like:

select * from users where name like 'HELEN%


I know how I can do it in SQL but not sure how to integrated well with SS.

Have you tried adding the COLLATE to the end of the query?

[QueryDbField(Field = "DisplayName", 
Template = "{Field} LIKE {Value} COLLATE Latin1_General_CI_AI", ValueFormat = "%{0}%")]
public string DisplayNameContains { get; set; }
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Wow ! Thanks! So elegant

I will see how it react with Chinese or Russian character but for my immediate need it’s perfect :slight_smile:

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