Autoquery-Autogen Add AutoPopulateAttribute

I’m trying to add a Attribute to a GenereteCrudService.

I use this code:

GenerateCrudServices = new GenerateCrudServices {

ServiceFilter = (op, req) => {
op.Request.AddAttribute(new ValidateIsAuthenticatedAttribute());
op.Request.AddAttribute(new AutoPopulateAttribute(“ModifiedOn”) { Eval = “utcNow” });

The attribute ValidateIsAuthenticatedAttribute work fine, but the AutoPopulateAttribute does’t work.

I debugged the request type and I found that the AutoPopulateAttribute “NamedAgruments” collection is empty.
If I see a hardcoded request I see this

Thanks Gianmaria.

Code-gen doesn’t support generating attributes with both constructor + property attributes and without a default constructor it’s forced to generate constructor attributes which doesn’t contain the additional properties.

To resolve this, I’ve added default constructors in the latest v6.0.3 that’s now available on MyGet.