AutoQuery Data Case-Insensitive?

Is there a way to make AutoQuery Data (not RDBMS) queries case insensitive?

There’s nothing customizable that changes the default behavior. What’s an example you’re trying to make case-insensitive?

I have a AutoQuery Service source that pulls data from Active Directory… Exact matches seem to be case-sensitive, i.e.

/users/windows/search? won’t return a result if the user’s e-mail is

Using the Like Suffix seems to make it case-insensitive, but I’m worried about unintended consequences with that suffix.

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This is behaving as expected, = is an exact match whilst the %Like% ImplicitConvention is a CaseInsensitiveEqualCondition.

So you can choose to make case-sensitive or case-insensitive based on which convention is used.


That works for me, thanks!