AutoQuery DefaultSearchText is not populating in search field

I specified this AuthQueryViewer definition

Title = “MQ Events”,
DefaultSearchText = “MQ”,
DefaultSearchField = “What”,
DefaultSearchType = “=”,
DefaultFields = “Id,UserAccountId,Time,What,Src,Dest,RestCall,Url:30,JsonLen,MsgDescribe:5000”

The Search field is populated, the SearchType is populated but the SearchText is not populated on the screen.

It’s working for the AutoQuery Viewer Examples. If you can put together a stand-alone repro on GitHub (or modify an existing one) I can take a look.

Note the AutoQuery Viewer is now deprecated (& in maintenance mode) in favor of ServiceStack Studio.

Whats involved in upgrading from AutoQuery Viewer to ServiceStack Studio?

It’s not an upgrade, it’s a completely different UI & approach. Your ServiceStack instances need to upgrade to v5.9, afterwards you should be able to connect to it from the Studio Desktop App and query your AutoQuery Services, refer to the Studio release notes for configuration, UI & features.