Autoquery on Cached results


I’m trying to implement server side filtering with javascript grid.
Long running stored procedure call will generate large dataset, put it in redis cache and send only first page of records to the client. is there a easy way to use autoquery functionality on these results from cache.
If I store results from stored procedure call in database table I can utilize autoquery to accomplish server side filtering and sorting but that would not be a good way.

Now AutoQuery’s functionality is limited to providing querying over an RDBMS Table/View, it doesn’t filter an in-memory dataset.

Thank you for your quick response.
Are there any plans to implement this feature in near future or is it even possible?
Do you have any suggestion on how to implement or mimic this functionality? Is using SQLite database as cache overkill in this case?

Not there are no plans to implement this feature which has never been requested before so there’s no demand for it.

This isn’t something that AutoQuery would be extended to support as AutoQuery is used to construct an SQL Statement that’s executed by a remote RDBMS. This would need to be a new plugin offering the same functionality / API as AutoQuery but implemented much differently (i.e. querying InMemory .NET collections).

I do think in memory SQLite database for storing temporary cached collections would be overkill and wouldn’t work cleanly for this use-case.

OK, Thank you. I’ll try to implement this manually.